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Business Cent$

Members plan and run their own business. They will work closely with a community mentor. This project can be taken on its own or in conjunction with another 4-H project.

  • Business Cent$ Leader and Mentor Guide - Leaders learn how to instruct members on how to do a small business project.
  • Business Cent$ Project Member Guide, Level 1 - Members will learn about basics to run a small business (Level 1 is suggested for 12 to 14 year olds)
  • Business Cent$ Project Member Guide, Level 2 – Members will expand on their Level 1 learnings, and actually start a business of their own (Level 2 is suggested for senior-aged members, 15-20).
  • Mind Your Own Business – Workbook – This workbook is designed to help members see how they can run a business.
  • Financial Planning for a Small Business - This manual will help members understand elements of a financial plan and how to maintain it.
  • Managing a Small Business - This manual covers many aspects of operating and managing a small business.
  • Marketing a Small Business - This manual goes through the steps of how to fully market a small business.
  • Record Keeping for Small Business - This manual shows members how to properly keep records of their business.
  • Starting a Home-Based Business - This manual is designed to help members start out right with their business.
  • Business Basics for Alberta Food Processors - General reference for food processors and those who are thinking of starting and growing a food business.



The clothing project consists of three levels. Each manual contains several activities intended to be covered during work meetings. Level One introduces sewing tools, patterns, fabric, interfacings, hems and facings. Level Two covers construction techniques, clothing care, using colour and figure flattery. Level Three explores pattern adjustments, construction techniques, wardrobe planning, buying ready-to-wear and wool. A record book has been incorporated into each level of this resource. This project can take up to two years to complete each level.

  • Clothing Leaders Guide, Level 1 - In this manual leaders will learn how to teach the basics of sewing to members.
  • Clothing Member Project Guide, Level 1 (includes a record book) - In this manual members will learn the basics of sewing and are introduced to the sewing project.
  • Clothing Leaders Guide, Level 2 - In this manual Leaders will learn how to show members different sewing skills.
  • Clothing Member Project Guide, Level 2 (includes a record book) - Member will learn more about sewing and the different techniques of it.
  • Clothing Leaders Guide, Level 3 - Leaders of this project will learn how to teach more advanced sewing skills.
  • Clothing Member Project Guide, Level 3 (includes a record book) - Members will be taught more advanced sewing techniques in this higher level manual.
  • Let’s Sew - A Beginner’s Sewing Guide by Nancy Zieman must be used as a reference for the entire series (one per new member).
  • Links of Interest


Members and leaders are free to select their own craft projects. The craft project can be a series of lessons on one type of craft or a combination of different crafts. The crafts chosen should involve a variety of skills, techniques and be progressive in learning. Members keep records of their projects in the Crafts Member Record Book.



You are what you eat! It is well documented that food choices affect one’s health. We need to understand the principles behind good nutrition, what food is good for us and why. Then we can make the best food choices for our families and ourselves. The 4-H Foods project consists of a reference book, activity guide, recipe book and record book. By taking part in the 4-H Foods project, members will develop new skills as well as important learning abilities in the following areas - sensory, motor, mathematics, safety, social skills, emotional development.

  • 4-H Food Project Reference Book - Each topic is designed to stand alone. They do not need to be implemented in order, but most complement one another. There are eight main themes. Each theme has several topics based around common objectives - Eating Well with Canada’s Food Guide, Food Safety, Fundamentals, Cook it Right, Backyard and Beyond, Food for Thought, Field to Fork, and Celebration.
  • 4-H Food Project Activity Guide - Consists of nine themes. Each activity is designed to stand alone. The activities do not need to be implemented in any specific order, but most activities complement one another. Some activities contain suggestions that allow for many variations of that activity. Choose a variation that is relevant to your topic and age group.
  • 4-H Food Project Recipe Book - To be used with the 4-H Foods Project Reference Book which has a section called “Now You’re Cookin!” that has suggested recipes for each topic. Feel free to use your own recipes if you find them appropriate for a topic.
  • 4-H Food Project Record Book – To be used as a means of charting member’s yearly progress in an effort to increase members’ awareness of their yearly performance and areas for improvement for the next year.

Performing Arts

Prepare to perform! This 4-H project highlights drama and the performing arts. Whether your passion lies on stage or behind the scenes, this is your chance to shine as you create your own standing ovations.

  • Performing Arts Leaders Guide - Leaders will learn about the performing arts project, its objectives and their responsibilities.
  • Performing Arts Member Project Guide, Level 1 - In this manual, members will learn about the performing arts project and the basics of the theatre.
  • Performing Arts Member Project Guide, Level 2 - Members will learn more about the performing arts in terms of theatre, acting, movement, etc.
  • Performing Arts Member Project Guide, Level 3 - Members of this project will learn how to put on a big production and to home skills already learned.

Visual Arts

Visual Arts is for members 12 years and older and consists of two resources: Sketchbook Crossroads and Portfolio Pathways. Each resource provides numerous activities for members to develop their artistic skills and talents while learning the elements and principles of design. Members will explore art techniques, art history and culture, the science behind the art and artistic challenges. Both guides are designed so that youth may also choose to discover art techniques in a group or individually.

  • Visual Arts 1 - Sketchbook Crossroads - Practice drawing, fiber arts and sculpting to develop artistic skills and talents.
  • Visual Arts 2 - Portfolio Pathways - Learn painting, printing and graphic design techniques.



Creative Options Project (COP)
The Creative Options Member Guide offers two ways to host Creative Options Projects. Group Option - For members of all ages, Junior through Senior, as a group, with a project leader who works through the project with regular project meetings/workshops. Individual Option - For Intermediate and Senior Members who have been in 4‑H for at least two years. This is a self-directed, unique project determined by the member. A proposal must be presented to the club leaders and membership for approval.

This project could take three or more years to complete. Members must be 12 years or older to participate in three to four week exchanges which usually take place during July or August. In Unit 1 Hosting - the member hosts a visitor from another province, state or country. In Unit 2 Traveling - the member travels on an exchange. In Unit 3 Reporting Back - the member prepares presentations and displays on the exchange.


This is for members interested in working with the club leadership team as their 4‑H project. Various planning tools, leadership strategies and great ideas to jazz up your 4‑H club are included. Leadership project members should have access to the applicable general club or project resources as determined by their project focus. This project was previously found in the Creative Options Project material.


  • Leadership Project Member Guide
  • Leadership Project Record Book


4-H Shooting Sports


Please note, items not available here can be obtained by contacting the Provincial 4‑H Office