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My 4-H Diary - NEW for the 2013-2014 Club Year

My 4-H Diary (FULL version)  The 4-H Diary, updated for the 2013-2014 Club Year, is a place for members to record and celebrate their involvement and participation in 4-H and the community. For each year that they are a member, they should be encouraged to complete a 4-H Diary to keep track of their personal growth and skill development as they "Learn to do by doing". The 4-H Diary is the key to unlocking many of 4-H Alberta's amazing opportunities.

The 4-H Diary is a fillable, saveable, and printable PDF. A print version is also available through the online Club Supply order system (check with your General Leader).  It’s very important that you SAVE a copy of the 4-H Diary before you begin filling it out or try to print it.  By SAVING a copy first, the Fillable PDF should function properly and print easily. 


Why should members fill out a 4-H Diary?

Looking back on their completed diaries will remind members of all the fun things they were involved in and how  much they have grown as a person - which will come in handy for:

  • Completing a resume or cover letter.
  • Applying for scholarships and busaries, including those available exclusively to 4-H members and alumni.
  • Illustrating their diverse experiences for someone in an interview.

Completing 4-H diaries also means that based on points accumulated, 4-H leaders can apply on a member's behalf for the Awards of Excellence medallions and that members may apply on their behalf to attend the Provincial 4-H Selections program.

    Awards of Excellence

    4-H Diary Points Needed
    Approximate Years to Obtain
    3 years
    4-5 years
    6-7 years
    8+ years


    Provincial 4-H Selections Program

    Selections is an opportunity-filled program not to be missed! At Selections, members vie for some fantastic     4-H travel and ambassadorship opportunites PLUS the Premier's Award. While at the program, your diary points will factor into your total individual program score.

    To attend, senior 4-H members who are 16 years of age or older must apply at and submit all of their diaries to their Government of Alberta Regional 4-H Specialist to have their diary points verified.

How do members fill out a 4-H Diary?

Members need to recored their participation in activities, events, and committees within their club(s), as well as their experiences beyond the club at the interclub, district, regional, provincial and national levels of 4-H. There is a space for members to record what they have participated in outside of 4-H as well.


Basic Instructions for Members:

  1. 1) Read the Scoring Guide for each page.
  2. 2) Keep you 4-H Diary up-to-date.
  3. 3) Fill in your information accurately, and be specific.
  4. 4) List an activity or event only ONCE in the 4-H Diary.
  5. 5) Fully complete each line you are claiming points for and include extra details in the Notes section if necessary.
  6. 6) If you belong in multiple clubs Indicate which club each activity/event happened with.
  7. 7) Check the box next to the number of points you are claiming, based on your level of participation. You may    claim a maximum of two points per line.
  8. 8) Tally your points at the bottom of each page and total your points on the back page.
  9. 9) List any extra activities/events in the Notes section at the bottom of each page.
  10. 10) Sign the back page.
  11. 11) Have a parent or guardian review your completed 4-H Diary for correctness and sign the back page.
  12. 12) Hand in to your leader so they can review your completed 4-H Diary for correctness and sign the back page.
  13. 13) Keep ALL of your 4-H diaries together in a safe place. Save a digital or photocopied version of your 4-H diaries if you are sending them away to your Government of Alberta Regional 4-H Office.


For More Information on the NEW 4-H Diary

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