Leader Guide

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This is a resource for leaders to use for working with members and clubs.


4-H Alberta Program click here for chapter

What Is 4-H?
Where To Go For Help
4-H Clubs
4-H Councils
4-H Branch
4-H Foundation
4-H Alberta Regulations
Why Do We Have Rules?


Protecting The 4-H Family click here for chapter

Screening Of Volunteer 4-H Leaders
I'm Screened - Now What?
   If you are a NEW 4-H Leader
   If you are a RETURNING 4-H Leader
Above Suspicion  - Protecting Yourself
A Child Is Hurting - How Can I Help?
Addressing Conflict In My Club?
Dealing With Someone Who Is Angry
Alberta 4-H Grievance Procedures
Alberta 4-H Insurance Information


General Leader - Tips For Running A Successful Club click here for chapter

Shared Leadership
Job Description - 4-H General Club Leader
     And Assistant Leader
4-H Alberta Leader Code of Conduct
The Leadership Team
Recruiting And Involving Volunteers
Involving Parents In 4-H
Managing Misbehaviour


Project Leader - Working With 4-H Members click here for chapter

Job Description - 4-H Project Leader
What Do I Do Now?
Available Projects
Principles Of Good Instruction
Relating the Five Principles of Leadership to 4-H
Decision Making Skills
Learn To Do By Doing
Age Characteristics
Get Feedback!


Club Meeting Guide click here for chapter

Organizational Meeting
Effective Meetings
Challenging Members
Responsibilities of Club Members
Duties of 4-H Club Officers
Parliamentary Procedure
Evaluating the Meeting
Default Constitution


Planning An Effective Club Program click here for chapter

Program Planning
Starting a 4-H Multi Club
Communication Training
4-H Community Service Activities
4-H Club Fundraising
Achievement Days


Provincial 4-H Opportunities click here for chapter

For more 4-H opportunities check out the Calendar of Events or 4-H in your Region


Appendix click here for chapter

Leadership Development
How To Get To The 4-H Centre
Guidelines for Usage of Trademark
Regional Map
4-H Alberta Award of Excellence
4-H Meetings At A Glance
4-H Meeting Parliamentary Sample
Sample of a 4-H Meeting Agenda
Club Directory and Membership


Forms click here to access forms

All the forms needed by the Club, Member and Leaders are located in one location


4-H Alberta Program Policies click here for policies web page

The 4‑H program in Alberta has developed a number of policies that define basic expectations for 4‑H membership