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Exchange Project Outline

Gain a greater understanding of your own world by experiencing someone else’s. 4-H Alberta’s Exchange project is unique in that it introduces members, 12 years and older, to the exchange in a 3-year progression: from hosting, to travelling, to reporting. As hosts, members prep for and welcome their guests, building on their planning and communication skills, and growing in their acceptance of new perspectives and backgrounds. As travellers, members practice adaptability and gain confidence as they experience new places, practices and people. In the reporting phase, members reflect on the networks they’ve created, the insights they’ve gained, and the ways of life they’ve experienced. Don’t be surprised if this project is a catalyst for a lifelong love of travel and the exploration of new cultures. Exchanges take place over three to four week exchanges, typically in July or August.

For more information and to register, please contact:
(780) 422-4444

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