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4-H Alberta recognizes the tremendous impact sponsors have on 4-H's ability to deliver a quality product. In addition to financial support, many of our sponsors raise the community profile of 4-H by displaying and promoting the 4-H logo.

We rely on the support from the community, the dedication of our volunteers and the generosity of our financial partners to exist in a synergy whose end result is producing the leaders of tomorrow from the youth of today. Sponsorship plays an integral role in the operation of the 4-H Alberta program. It is a key reason why our 4-H program effectively meets the needs of its members and adult volunteer leaders.

For more information on 4-H partnerships, please contact:

Mark Olson
Interim Chief Executive Officer
4-H Foundation of Alberta
Cell: 403-869-3528
Main: 780-422-4H4H (4444)




Bianca von Nagy
Director, Development
4-H Foundation of Alberta
Cell: 587-583-3152
Main: 780-422-4H4H (4444)


Are you interested in becoming a sponsor for 4-H Alberta? Please take a moment and read the following four resources for information on 4-H in Alberta.

We would like to express our sincerest appreciation to our partners and supporters for their continued investment and support.



Sponsor Recognition Levels

Emerald Clover


As the exclusive Emerald Clover Sponsor you will enjoy prime visibility throughout the entire year. You will have exposure at all Provincial level events and have many opportunities for VIP hostings as well as exciting engagement possibilities. This sponsorship level will also give you the distinction of adding your logo to the historic and picturesque Alberta 4-H Centre and your organization can say with pride that it is creating a legacy of leaders in Alberta! 


4-H Alberta - Emerald Clover - Alberta Recycling


4-H Alberta - Emerald Clover - AltaLink

4-H Alberta - Emerald Clover - ATB


4-H Alberta - Emerald Clover - Calgary Stampede




4-H Alberta - Emerald Clover - UFA Co-operative Limited



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Gold Clover

($50,000 - $99,999)

Gold Clover Sponsors have exposure at 50% of confirmed Provincial level events. We will work with you and your team to create unique, customized engagement opportunities that will excite you and your stakeholders.

This is your opportunity to make a significant difference in the lives of Alberta’s youth!


4-H Alberta - Gold Clover -  AFSC

4-H Alberta - Gold Clover - Peavey Mart

4-H Alberta - Gold Clover -  Save On Foods



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Silver Clover

($25,000 - $49,999)

As a Silver Clover Sponsor you will have visibility at 30% of confirmed Provincial level events and competitions. In addition, you will continue to have high-profile logo recognition in many 4-H Alberta media outlets.

You are the key to creating a bright and promising future for 4-H Alberta’s youth!


4-H Alberta - Silver Clover - AgCall


4-H Alberta - Silver Clover - Cervus Equipment




4-H Alberta - Silver Clover - Chinook Financia


4-H Alberta - Silver Clover - Fortis Alberta 4-H Alberta - Silver Clover - Glacier Farm Media 4-H Alberta - Silver Clover -   Kubota


4-H Alberta - Silver Clover - Lammle's


4-H Alberta - Silver Clover - Northlands

4-H Alberta - Silver Clover - Radicle


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Bronze Clover

($10,000 - $24,999)

Bronze Clover Sponsors will continue to receive recognition benefits at 20% of confirmed Provincial level events and competitions. Our team will work with our Bronze Clover sponsors to help them determine the best shows and events for their target demographic.

With your help we will create youth programs, Alberta can be proud of!


4-H Alberta - Bronze Clovers - Alberta Beef Producers

4-H Alberta - Bronze Clovers - Bayer

4-H Alberta - Bronze Clovers - CCI Wireless

4-H Alberta - Bronze Clovers - Federation of Alberta Gas Co-Ops Ltd.


4-H Alberta - Bronze Clovers -  Gas Alberta Inc.

4-H Alberta - Bronze Clovers -  Lakeland College

4-H Alberta - Bronze Clover - Nutrien

4-H Alberta - Bronze Clovers -  Olds College

4-H Alberta - Bronze Clovers - RBC Foundation

4-H Alberta - Bronze Clovers - Rocky View County


4-H Alberta - Bronze Clovers -  Servus  

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Green Clover

($5,000 - $9,999)

For our valued Green Clover Sponsors, 4-H Alberta is pleased to offer logo recognition at 15% of confirmed Provincial level events and competitions – an investment that will make our partners proud.

Your support helps Alberta’s youth learn to do by doing!

Genome Alberta Olds Regional Exhibition
Plains Midstream Canada Viterra Inc.  

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White Clover

($1,000 - $4,999)

White Clover Sponsors will still have the opportunity to get logo recognition at 5% of confirmed Provincial level events and competitions of their choice. This is in addition to the many additional benefits outlined below.

Join the 4-H Alberta Family and learn what 4-H can do for you and our youth. It’s a win-win!

  • Alberta Lamb Producers
  • Calgary Sports and Entertainment Corporation
  • Freson Brothers
  • Federated Co-operative Limited
  • Livestock Identification Services
  • Meadowbrook Greehouses

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4-H Alberta Friend

(Up to $999)

As a 4-H Alberta Friend Sponsor you will have name recognition for the entire year and the satisfaction to know that every contribution is an investment in Alberta’s leaders of tomorrow.

  • Canadian Sheep Breeders Association
  • Second Chance Livestock

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4-H Canada National Partners


4-H Alberta would like to recognize the efforts of 4-H Canada in securing funding from the following organizations on our behalf:


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