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4-H Alberta approved fundraisers are an excellent way to help your club raise money to cover the costs of club administration and social activities.  They also help 4-H Alberta cover its administrative and operating costs as a percentage of each fundraiser is shared with 4-H Alberta. And of course, the supplier is making a profit by partnering with 4-H to help sell product.  So fundraisers are a win-win-win for everyone.

The fundraisers listed below have been approved by 4-H Alberta and are available to clubs across the province. Please read the information carefully prior to selecting a fundraiser(s) that suit your club.  Please contact or 1-877-682-2153 for more information.

Click here for a Fundraiser Tool Kit


4-H Alberta Club Fundraisers

4-H Alberta - Calahoo Meats Fundraiser

(profit is approximately $6/unit sold)

Calahoo Meats1)  Designate one person (usually an adult volunteer or senior member) in your club to be the Fundraising Coordinator (Coordinator), and set a fundraising campaign timeline.

2)  Coordinator contacts Calahoo Meats @ 1-800-567-8371 or Laura @ to set up the fundraiser (ensure you communicate that you represent an Alberta 4-H Club):

    a. Confirms delivery area.

    b. Confirms pricing.

    c. Confirms contact information (person who Calahoo will
        contact when order is ready for delivery).

3)  Coordinator will receive the 4-H Alberta Fundraising Coordinator Master Order Form, and Participant Brochure/Forms.

4)  Coordinator hands out Participant Brochure/Forms to all fundraising members.

5)  Members use the Participant Brochure/Form to record orders.  Note: Use one form for each individual order.

6)  Customers can pay by cheque or cash (cheque payable to the 4-H Club).

7)  When the Fundraising Campaign period is over, members submit Brochure/Participant Form and money to the Coordinator.

8)  Coordinator compiles orders using 4-H Alberta Fundraising Coordinator Master Order Form and faxes (780-458-2146) in or emails ( order to Calahoo Meats. 

9)  Coordinator creates one cheque for the total order amount, made payable to Calahoo Meats and gives the cheque to the Calahoo Meats driver at time of delivery.

10) At time of delivery, product must be checked off with driver. Shortages will only be honoured at time of check off.

About Calahoo Meats

Calahoo Meats is one of the top fundraising product supply companies in Alberta. They offer a wide selection of food items that your family will love to see at the dinner table! 4-H Alberta is proud to partner with them and approximately $6.00 from every item sold will go back to your club. As an added bonus, Calahoo Meats will also give a portion of 4-H Alberta’s generated sales back to 4-H Alberta.

To view their products please visit



4-H Alberta Phil’s Fudge Fundraiser

(a piece of fudge is $11 to order and sold for $15)

1)  Designate one person (usually an adult volunteer or senior member) in your club to be the Fundraiser Coordinator (Coordinator) and set a fundraising campaign timeline.

2)  Determine the amount of fudge to order.*

3)  Order your Phil’s Fudge Carry Boxes by using the 4-H Alberta Phil’s Fudge Fundraiser Order Form (order form) and email it to, along with payment, to the 4-H Foundation of Alberta. If the club cannot pay for the fudge at the time of ordering please contact the Foundation at 780-682-2153 Ext #4 to discuss alternative arrangements.

4)  Your Phil’s Fudge order will be shipped via Canada Post.  Please note, it will take up to three weeks for your order to be delivered.   

5) Members take their Phil's Fudge Carry Box and sell away!

*Note: unsold fudge cannot be returned.

About Phil’s Fudge

- Fudge will keep for 2-3 months at room temperature. 
- Winner of six culinary awards!
- Fudge comes in 4-H-themed wrapping.

Click here for the Phil's Fudge Order Form



4-H Alberta My Deals Discount Card

(card is $12 to order and sold for $20)

Find your deals here

1)  Designate one person (usually an adult volunteer or senior member) in your club to be the Fundraiser Coordinator (Coordinator) and set a fundraising campaign timeline.

2)  Determine the amount of cards to order.*

3)  Order your My Deals Discount Card using the Order Form and email it to, along with payment, to the 4-H Foundation of Alberta. If the club cannot pay for the card at the time of ordering please contact the Foundation at 780-682-2153 Ext #4 to discuss alternative arrangements.

4)  Your My Deals Discount Cards will be shipped via Canada Post.  Please allow five business days from time of order to recieve your cards.   

5) Members take their My Deals Discount Cards and sell away.

*Note: The cards cannot be returned but do not expire.


About TriQuest

-  To national leader in helping organizations fundraise and provides a great benefit to their supporters. TriQuest benefits are powered by Access, the behind-the-scenes merchant network that has been the most trusted name in discount benefits for more than 30 years
-   Save up to 50% at popular local businesses (hotels, dining, automotive, etc.)
-  Access over 350,000+ merchants
-  500+ national brands
-  Search by city or postal code to see local discounts
-  Each card has a unique login and pin number to access the discount network for an ENTIRE year!
- Plus they are customized with 4-H branding to give you a unique product to sell.

Click here for the My Deals Discount Card Order Form   |    Find your deals here


4-H Alberta Meadowbrook Greenhouses Fundraiser

We are pleased to offer to you our selection of Hanging Baskets grown here in Alberta at Meadowbrook Greenhouses. Bring color to your community with beautiful plants and raise funds for your club at the same time. They are just what you need to welcome spring and celebrate Mothers Day!

Order Date
Orders should be placed on or before April 18th, 2018. Shipping date to be determined.

Delivery Date
Delivery will be scheduled with your input for any date between May 1st and May 12th (Just in time for Mother’s Day). Alternate dates are available upon request.

Delivery Location
Direct Delivery! Deliveries will be made at no charge to locations in the Calgary- Edmonton corridor. Outside of these areas, please contact our office to make arrangements. A $65.00 delivery fee will apply to other areas.

The “Participants Order Form” is a helpful sales tool. It should be used to record the sales by participants. When the participant is finished, they return the form and monies to you. Feel free to make more copies or contact us for a PDF file which can be used to print more copies on your end.

Ordering and Follow-Up
To place an order with Meadowbrook, please forward the “Organizer Order Summary”. Summarize the participant’s orders on this form and send it in by fax, mail or email. We will send you a confirmation of your order, and we will follow-up to finalize details regarding timing and location of the delivery, and to answer any other questions you may have. Please supply us with detailed delivery instructions so it’s easy to find you. Get registered today!!

*Payment is due upon receipt of plants. Cheque, Visa and MasterCard accepted. (An additional 3% fee is applied to Visa and MasterCard transactions)

Happy Sales! Please feel free to call our toll free number now or later if you have any questions or if there is any other way we can assist you with this fundraiser.


Participants Information  |  Organizers Information  |  Participants Order Form  |  Fundraising Flyer  | Hanging Basket Pictures



The Battery Doctor

On going

Interstate Battery

On going

Tire Recycling

Recycling Payment Schedule

Tire Collection Approval Form

On going

Electronic Recycling

Recycling Payment Schedule

On going

Alberta Highway Clean Up

The highway cleanup program is held annually on the first or second Saturday in May, as weather permits. Clubs may request certain sections of Highways, but award will depend on availability (first come first serve basis). The amount of kilometres awarded will depend on the number of participants. Alberta Transportation recommends one kilometre for every two participants. For example if an organization has 20 participants then the maximum number of kilometres awarded will be approximately 10. Payment will be made on a per km basis at the rates shown below.

  • “A” Rate (Urban Rate) - $100.00/km of highway right-of-way cleaned on both sides. This rate shall apply to all roadways within 16 kms of an urban center that has a population of over 5,000.
  • “B” Rate (Special Area Rate) - $100.00/km of highway right-of-way cleaned on both sides. The department shall identify all Special Area roadways prior to cleanup registration day. The Minister’s representative, may, at their discretion, deem a roadway to be a special area roadway due to an unusually high concentration of garbage.
  • “C” Rate (Rural Rate) - $55.00/km of highway right-of-way cleaned on both sides, on all other roadways.

Participants must be at least 9 years of age. Suggested supervision is 1 adult for every 2 children under the age of 14. Participants 14-18 years of age require less supervision (5 per adult supervisor).

For the safety of all participants, the medians on divided highways are not to be cleaned. Only the outer ditches shall be cleaned on divided highways. Participants are required to take safety training.

Filled garbage bags are placed along the outer edge of the highway shoulders and will be disposed of by the Alberta Infrastructure and Transportation maintenance contractor.

Alberta Infrastructure and Transportation will supply all necessary materials including safety manuals, safety vests and garbage bags.

Your participation in the Annual Highway Cleanup Program or Caring for Alberta's Highways (Adopt-a-Highway) Program is welcome.

The annual highway cleanup program is set-up as a fundraiser event. Although the program was originally established for associations such as the 4H and Scouts, all groups and clubs are now encouraged to participate.

Highway Cleanup Programs

Managing Supervisor's Handbook  |  Supervisor Training - YouTube 

Safety Plan Form  | Incident Report Form  |  Evalutation Report Form

Participant Guidelines and Rules  |  Participant Training - YouTube

Alberta Transportation Highway Cleanup Contacts

Alberta Transportation Highway Cleanup Web Site