4-H Leader Training Level One - Online Version

All new 4-H leaders must complete the 4-H Leader Training Level One. There are four options:

  1. review your Leader's Guide and complete the Online Quiz,
  2. attend a local session offered by your 4-H Councils/Key Leaders or link to ---> http://www.4h.ab.ca/about/leadership.shtml
  3. attend the session at the annual 4-H Leaders' Conference ---> http://www.4h.ab.ca/about/leadership.shtml or
  4. attend the session offered at Provincial Project Leader Updates ---> http://www.4h.ab.ca/about/leadership.shtml

If you wish to do the Online Version, please review your manual first and have it handy while you do the quiz.

The purpose of 4-H Leader Training Level 1 is to ensure all Leaders are aware of the 4-H resources and programs available to them and their members. Leaders are not expected to memorize everything but you should know where to find answers easily when they are finished.

A score of at least 80% is required to pass the quiz. After the quiz is marked you will be notified of your results. Good luck!

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About 4-H
1. What do the 4 H's stand for?
  1. Health
  2. Happiness
  3. Head
  4. Hope
  5. Heart
  6. Hands
2. What is the address for 4-H Alberta web site?
  1. www.4h.ab.com
  2. www.4-Halberta.ca
  3. www.4-H.ca
  4. www.4h.ab.ca
3. What is the name of the official 4-H Alberta publication?
  1. The 4-H Alberta Magazine
  2. Forum
  3. Cloverleaf Quarterly
4. Who can the General Leader call for advice or assistance?
  1. 4-H Specialist in the Region
  2. Key leader
  3. 4-H Director
  4. A Project leader in your club
5. Who is your Regional Specialist?
  1. Stacy Murray
  2. Peace Regional Specialist position is Vacant
  3. Alexia Hoy
  4. Yvonne Yaremcio
  5. Shelly Ann Dodgson
  6. Ginny Smith
6. What are the 3 levels of council that support and strengthen 4-H in Alberta.
  1. Canadian 4-H Council
  2. District Council
  3. Provincial 4-H Council
  4. Alberta Sport Council
  5. Regional Council
7. What are the responsibilities of the district council?
  1. To initiate and co-ordinate district activities and events
  2. To select/elect Key Leaders
  3. To select 4-H Ambassadors
  4. To select public speaking members for regional competition
  5. Forward comments and concerns from clubs to regional councils
  6. Support and approve recommendations for change
  7. Provide information to clubs
8. What are the three Partners that support 4-H in Alberta?
  1. Canadian 4-H Council
  2. 4-H Section
  3. Alberta Infrastructure
  4. 4-H Foundation
  5. 4-H Council
  6. 4-H Trust Fund
9. Can a child who turns 9 in January be a member during that club year?
  1. Yes
  2. If they stand over 1.5m tall
  3. No
  4. If they are mature
10. What are the five basic 4-H member expectations?
  1. Complete project records and have them signed by the club or project leader
  2. Attend a minimum of 70% of club activities
  3. Complete a communication activity that is:
    • prepared by the member
    • presented by the member in front of a group
    • at least three minutes in length
  4. Participate in the club's achievement event
  5. Attend 2 provincial 4-H member programs
  6. Complete a community service activity
11. When do clubs have to have their complete registration submitted by?
  1. September 1
  2. January 1
  3. December 15
  4. December 1
12. What is the consequence when a club's registration is submitted late? (there may be more than 1 answer)
  1. Club is no longer recognized as a 4-H club in good standing
  2. $100 late fee
  3. Club will not receive supplies for its members and leaders
  4. 4-H Insurance is not in effect for the club
  5. all of the above
13. Who fills the 4-H club executive positions?
  1. parents
  2. leaders
  3. members
  4. all of the above
14. How many general club meetings must a 4-H club have per year?
  1. 12
  2. 3
  3. 6
  4. club members vote to decide
15. Can leaders provide a club contact list to a local business for product promotion?
  1. Yes
  2. No
  3. It depends if the business owners are a club parent or not
16. When do new leaders have to be screened?
  1. Before Oct 15th
  2. Before Dec 1st
  3. In the year they become a leader
  4. As soon as possible
  5. Before December 15th
17. What documents are part of the on–line 4-H Leader Registration process for new 4-H leaders?
  1. Application form
  2. 3 References
  3. Criminal records check information
  4. All of the above
18. What is the Child Abuse Hot Line Number?
  1. 1-800-387-KIDS(5437)
  2. 1-800-427-4466
19. If there is a grievance regarding a rule at a district livestock show, which body would you bring a formal grievance to first?
  1. 4-H Section
  2. Alberta 4-H Council
  3. Your District Council
  4. Your Regional Council
  5. Your Club Council
20. Who does the 4-H insurance policy cover?
  1. Leaders
  2. Members
  3. Parent Helpers
  4. all of the above
21. What activity exclusions are there where the 4-H policy will not cover its members or leaders in case of injury or property damage?
  1. Watercraft over 8m
  2. All terrain vehicles, snow machines or their trailers
  3. Watercraft under 8m that have been hired to transport
  4. all of the above
22. Scenario: If you are traveling in your vehicle with 4-H members that are not your own children and you are in an accident. Which policy will be the first to respond to the claim?
  1. 4-H policies
  2. your auto policy
Leadership in the 4-H Club
23. What are three responsibilities of the General Leader?
  1. Help to recruit project leaders
  2. Attend all project activities
  3. Ensure the club maintains accurate minutes and financial records
  4. Ensure club follows 4-H Alberta regulations
  5. Complete all members 4-H diaries
24. What is the 4-H motto?
  1. "Learn to Do by Doing"
  2. "Keep your Head above your Heart"
  3. "Use Your Head"
  4. "Quality Equation"
Successful Clubs
25. Give 2 suggestions for making general meetings more effective.
  1. Limit meeting length to 1 hour
  2. Let members run the meeting on their own and offer a 15 min. limit at the end for parents/leaders to offer direction
  3. Take over the meeting if it gets out of control
26. What page shows a sample agenda for general meetings?
  1. Page 5
  2. Page 48
  3. Page 50
  4. Page 3
  5. Page 64
27. Does a new 4-H club have a constitution to operate under if they have not accepted one as a group?
  1. Yes
  2. No
28. What are the reasons listed for developing a program plan for your 4-H club year? (there are several answers)
  1. Helps create shared responsibility
  2. So we can share ideas with other clubs
  3. Ensures balance between, business, education and recreation
  4. Ensures ample preparation time
  5. Avoids date conflicts
  6. Your Key Leader may ask for it
  7. Provides for better communication within the club
29. Should your club families be given a copy of the club program and schedule at the beginning of the club year?
  1. Only if they ask for a copy
  2. No
  3. Only if they are executive members
  4. Yes
30. What activities encourage communication training throughout the club year for your members?
  1. Manning a display at a local fair or mall
  2. Use a Roll Call that has each member respond in front of the club
  3. Rotate the responsibility for leading the pledge
  4. Ask members to introduce special guests
31. What are 4 events that should always be included in your club year plan?
  1. Christmas Party
  2. Achievement Days
  3. Farm Tour
  4. Community service projects
  5. Presentation and speaking competitions
  6. 4-H Fundraising
  7. Movie night
32. Where can you find more information and registration forms for 4-H Member and Leader Programs?
  1. www.4h.ab.ca
  2. Local Newspapers
33. Choose 4 Provincial Leader Opportunities.
  1. Leaders Conference
  2. AIM
  3. Leader Travel Opportunities
  4. Highway Cleanup
  5. Selections
  6. Provincial 4-H Beef Leaders. Update (BUD)
  7. Provincial 4-H Equine Leader Forum (PELF)