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Event Details – October 19, 2019

C - Regional - Portfolio Competition Competition

Deadline: October 10, 2019 4:00 PM  
Start Date: October 19, 2019 9:00 AM End Date: October 19, 2019 3:45 PM
Location: Airdrie Ag Bldg., AIRDRIE AB  

Program Description:


Regional portfolio competition is Saturday, October 19, 2019 at 9:00 a.m. at the Airdrie Ag Building, DEADLINE is Oct 10



1. Project portfolios must be submitted in a ring binder no larger than 2” ring (not spine). 

2. Following are the guidelines of what should be included. Remember that any materials included in the binder should NOT take away from the general appearance and neatness of the binder. 

  • MUST INCLUDE: the record book, 4-H Certificate (or copy), agendas, club information, Project costs and calculations, photos as required in the project book, copy of the 4-H speech or presentation notes/print out of slideshow, communication judging sheets, (MC’s from communications events should include the program from the event, and a certificate if one was presented.)  
  • REMOVE: 4-H Magazines, ribbons, 4-H diaries, project books not written in, blank pages 
  • OPTIONAL: Members list, phone list, minutes, financial reports, budgets, constitution 
  • SUGGESTED: that the record book be kept together at the front of portfolio & not spread throughout, that dividers be used for ease of judging, that members who present a speech/presentation at a club meeting include comment sheets providing feedback or explain their completion of the required communication activity.

3. Only current year project portfolios may be submitted for competition. The only exception is for breeding projects (Beef & Sheep). In this case, the entire project book should be submitted if the book reflects the same animal. It should be clearly indicated which project is applicable to the year being marked. (i.e. dividers, paper clipping previous year together etc.) 

4. Portfolio books placing 1st and achieving a minimum of 80% at club level may be submitted. If the 1st place book is not available to go on to the next level of judging, then the 2nd place book may be submitted. Record books MUST be complete to be submitted. 

5. All portfolios submitted MUST HAVE a fully completed (including signatures) 2019 COMPETITION ENTRY FORM inserted at the front of the binder. This form must be on a single sheet with no information on the back. 

6. Book markers from the club & district level MUST enter the accuracy mark used onto the COMPETITION ENTRY FORM. 

7. The regional portfolio committee recognizes all 4-H project books taught within Canada and the USA and will judge said books if entered into competition. 


1. Portfolio books should not be returned to the members after the final club judging as no corrections are allowed in the portfolio book once they have been judged. 

2. Portfolios being submitted for competition beyond the Club Level must be judged by an impartial judge (no immediate family members, parents as leaders etc.) 

3. Members may enter more than one portfolio book as long as each book placed 1st at club level, is complete and has achieved a minimum of 80%. Each portfolio book must be in a separate binder. 

4. Portfolios will be judged in the categories as outlined in the Calgary Regional 4-H Portfolio Competition Categories 2019 (see page 3 of this document).

5. All portfolio books must have cost/calculation sheets. If the record book being used does not have one, please acquire one from another 4-H Record Book. Include all costs that are related directly to your 4-H project.

6. It is highly recommended that all permanent records be done in blue or black pen. However, records done in pencil will be accepted. Members should be consistent throughout the book in whichever they choose to use. 

7. Computer generated record books are acceptable. It is suggested that the formatting be similar to the printed record book. If using this method, it is also suggested that members use a significantly different font, if possible, which will showcase their personal input. Hand written records seem more personal. 

8. All decimal points are to be rounded to 2 places & numbers should be written so that the decimal places are aligned. This will ensure neater records and fewer mistakes in addition. It is not necessary to write dollar & cent signs other than at the end of a column. 

9. Members should double check all calculations so that mistakes are not carried through the entire book. Books no longer must receive 100% on accuracy to be submitted to competitions beyond club level. 

10. The use of page protectors is optional. Please note that although members will not gain/lose points if they use page protectors, they will take up extra space in the binder and should not hinder the closure of the binder. 

11. Record of Club Activities &/or Project Activities – members should write as much detail as possible so that they can refer to their records. Therefore, a detailed statement of activities completed, skills practiced etc. will be beneficial for future reference. 

12. Photos: All individual photos must be identified (who is in photo & what is happening) & dated. Photos required for the project must be included. Photos from club activities, etc. are highly recommended as they add personality to the record books. 

13. Articles: Articles must be identified and dated and can be about your 4-H Club, project or 4-H in general. Reference should be made to the name of the newspaper & publications and the date of publication. Try to keep the number of newspaper clippings & articles to a maximum of 10. 

Event PDF:    Regional Submission Spreadsheet (excel)
Regional Portfolio Competition Guidelines and Entry Form
Calgary Regional web page
Region: Calgary
Who can apply: Clubs ,  All Members

For more information contact: Email: