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C - Regional - Portfolio Competition Deadline

Deadline: October 10, 2018 4:00 PM  
Location: Airdrie AB  

Program Description:



1. Project portfolios must be submitted in a ring binder no larger than 2” ring (not spine).

2. Following are the guidelines of what should be included. Remember that any materials included in the binder should NOT take away from the general appearance and neatness of the binder. § MUST INCLUDE: the record book, 4-H Certificate (or copy), agendas, club information, Project costs and calculations, photos as required in the project book, copy of the 4-H Speech or presentation, communication judging sheets, (MC’s from communications events should include the program from the event, and a certificate if one was presented.) § REMOVE: 4-H Magazines, ribbons, 4-H diaries, project books not written in, blank pages § OPTIONAL: Members list, phone list, minutes, financial reports, budgets, constitution § SUGGESTED: that the record book be kept together at the front of portfolio & not spread throughout, that dividers be used for ease of judging, that members who present a speech/presentation at a club meeting include comment sheets providing feedback or explain their completion of the required communication activity.

3. Only current year project portfolios may be submitted for competition. The only exception is for breeding projects (Beef & Sheep). In this case, the entire project book should be submitted if the book reflects the same animal. It should be clearly indicated which project is applicable to the year being marked. (i.e. dividers, paper clipping previous year together etc.)

4. Only portfolio books placing 1st and achieving a minimum of 80% at club level may be submitted (no 2nd place books). Record books MUST be complete to be submitted.

5. All portfolios submitted MUST HAVE a fully completed (including signatures) 2018 COMPETITION ENTRY FORM inserted at the front of the binder. This form must be on a single sheet with no information on the back.

6. Book markers from each level must enter the accuracy mark used onto the COMPETITION ENTRY FORM.

7. The regional portfolio committee recognizes all 4-H project books taught within Canada and the USA, and will judge said books if entered into competition.

Event PDF:    Regional Portfolio Competition Guidelines and Entry Form
Portfolio Questions and Answers
Calgary Regional web page
Region: Calgary
Who can apply: Clubs ,  All Members

For more information contact: Lexi Hoy, Phone: 310-0000 then 403-948-8501, Fax: 310-0000 then 403-948-2069, Email: