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Event Details – August 22, 2018

NE - Regional - Horse Camp

Deadline: June 01, 2018 4:38 PM  
Start Date: August 22, 2018 1:00 PM End Date: August 25, 2018 5:00 PM
Location: Vermilion Fair Grounds, VERMILION AB  

Program Description:


Save the date Aug 22-25 at the Vermilion Fair Ground

Early Bird Deadline: June 1, 2018  |  NE 4-H Regional Horse Camp Early Bird Fee: $100

Deadline: July 1, 2018  |  Application Form Fee: $130

*Stalls will be assigned as paid registrations are received*

Cheque #1:

Registration and Thursday Meal (Payable to Northeast Regional 4-H Council)
Registration/Horse Camp Fee $100.00 Registration Fee if registered for Early Bird deadline
$130.00 Registration Fee for after June 1, 2018
Thursday Night Supper $12.00 x____ (Adult) = $_______ Catered Supper (4-H Camp Members eat for free) $6.00 x____ (Children) = $_______ Catered Supper  TOTAL: $______
Cheque #2:

Stall Fee $20.00 Stall cleaning fee (Payable to Northeast Regional 4-H Council)
(Returned once stall is cleaned after Closing Ceremonies)

Cheque #3:

Camping $15.00 x _____ nights = $____________ (Payable to Vermilion Ag Society)

Send application and three (3) Cheques to:

4-H Section
Agriculture and Forestry
Box 24, 4701 52 Street

Class List

CATTLE WORK – Learn the basics of working cattle with your horse. (English or Western)
DRILL TEAM – Learn how to work as a team to develop and perform a set pattern to music. Drill team will present their pattern at the closing ceremonies on Saturday. (English or Western)
GROUNDWORK – Build a stronger respect and bond with your horse. Learn the basics of how to get your horse to behave while you are on the ground. Teach your horse to trust you and move in response to your body language. Requires a rope halter and a 10’ – 12’ halter shank. (Dismounted)
GYMKHANA – Learn how to barrel race, pole bend, key hole, etc. (English or Western)
JUMPING – Learn the fundamentals of jumping. Snaffle bits are recommended for this session. Please indicate jumping skills: Newbie(never jumped before), Beginner(jumped x-poles up to 12”), Intermediate(Jumping 12”-2’), Advance(Jumping 2’+), (English)
ROPING/GOAT TYING – Learn how to handle a rope and rope a dummy head/heels. As well, learn about goat tying. Starts on ground without horse but will have the potential of saddling up and tracking a heel-o-matic pulled behind a quad. Bring your ropes, roping gloves, and piggin string for goat tying if possible.
(Western Dismounted/Mounted)
SHOW PREP & BRAIDING – Learn how to get your English horse ready for the show. Learn how to do fancy English braids on your own horse’s mane and tail. (English Dismounted)
TRAIL/COWBOY TRAIL – Learn how to navigate through a variety of obstacles. (English or Western)
ARCHERY – Learn the in’s and outs of archery and how to hit a target with an arrow. (No Horse)
EQUINE PHOTOGRAPHY – Learn the basics of your camera and how to capture the perfect photo. (No Horse) (Need camera of any sort)
LEATHERWORK – Make a leather project to take home. (No Horse)
MASSAGE – Introduction to massage, stretching, and essential oils to keep your horse feeling it’s best. (Dismounted)
PARACORD TACK MAKING – Make certain tack pieces out of paracord to take home. (No Horse)
WOODWORK (SADDLE STANDS) – Make a saddle stand out of woodwork and stain/decorate. (No Horse)

WESTERN/ENGLISH EQUITATION – The basic to proper form while riding. The start to any specialized disciplines. For safety reasoning is you choose to partake in English events you must enter the English Equitation class.
HORSEMANSHIP 101-103 – We will be touching base and have demos on Magna Wave, Farrier/Shoeing, and Equine First Aid. (No horse)

Event PDF:    Horse Camp Application
Horse Camp Application
Horse Camp Class Registration
Region: Northeast
Who can apply: Clubs ,  All Members

For more information contact: Shelly Ann Dodgson, Phone: 310-0000 then 780-853-8115, Fax: 310-0000 then 780-853-4776, Email: